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2021 CCR Report
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TRICK OR TREAT 2022 – Saturday October 29th from 5-6:30pm

HELP WANTEDVillage of LaRue is looking for seasonal help to cover leaf pickup, snow removal, and general property maintenance.  Interested applicants can email there information to laruevillage@gmail.com

  • September 2022 Meetings:
      • La Rue Village Council September 1st @7pm 
      • La Rue Board of Public Affairs September 19th @7pm
  • October 2022 Meetings:
      • La Rue Village Council October 3rd @7pm 
      • La Rue Board of Public Affairs Ocotber 17th @7pm
  • November 2022 Meetings:
      • La Rue Village Council November 7th @7pm 
      • La Rue Board of Public Affairs November 21st @7pm
  • Board of Public Affairs Rules & Regulations – Rule 12: Access to Property
    The maintenance personnel or authorized employees of the Water Department and the Board of Public Affairs shall have access at all reasonable hours to the premises supplied with water for the purposes of reading meters and to see that all rules are observed or to make any necessary examination of plumbing and water fixtures. In case the meter cannot be read in a reasonable length of time the service may be shut off until a reading is obtained and bill paid.
  • Drinking Water Requirements for States and Public Water Systems visit: https://www.epa.gov/dwreginfo
  • No open burning in the Village and absolutely no burning of trash.
  • Keep your property free of debris. Help our village and spruce up your property!
  • Interested in joining the Scioto Valley Fire District? Contact Scioto Valley Fire Department.

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Call (740) 499-2100 to arrange a time to meet with the clerk.



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350 North High Street